The Disruption of HR

Disruption doesn’t happen from the inside. The founders of Invisalign weren’t dentists. Uber wasn’t created by Taxi drivers. Airbnb wasn’t created by hoteliers. And yet now they dominate their industries after completely upending them. The digital disruption means that everyone’s specialty is at risk of being toppled by someone else. Someone that doesn’t know your … Continue reading The Disruption of HR

Investing in Yourself

L’Oréal says ‘you’re worth it’ Nike says ‘just do it’ And I say ‘what they said’.   It’s easy to go through life, be content in your job, hope for something better to work out one day but think ‘it’ll happen in time’. But it’s not that easy. Good things don’t always come to those who … Continue reading Investing in Yourself

Learning from your mistakes as a manager

"Managers learn from the meaning they give to experience, not from the experience itself, and they give meaning to experience by reflecting" Sievert & Daudelin 1999 This is a pretty powerful idea - you don't just learn from your experiences but you learn from reflecting on those experiences. During my career I have seen some … Continue reading Learning from your mistakes as a manager

Accepting (Or Rejecting) LinkedIn Invites

I love connecting with new people online. I often make connections through Twitter (especially Tweet Chats), conversations in groups on LinkedIn, via comments sections on websites/blogs, I’ve met people via Periscope and Blab and recently discovered HipChat (how cool is that!? Thanks Melissa!). However one thing I don’t generally do is accept LinkedIn invites from people I … Continue reading Accepting (Or Rejecting) LinkedIn Invites

Work: Today & Tomorrow #AHRINC 

Presenters: Natalie Slessor (Head of Workplace, Lend Lease) Susan Ferrier (National Managing Partner, People, Performance & Culture, KPMG) Helen Lea (Exec Director, Enterprise Services, Telstra) Natalie Slessor    Work is now happening outside the box... what do we need in the workplace - let's stop and think about that and then design what we need. … Continue reading Work: Today & Tomorrow #AHRINC 

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Talks the Dark Side of Confidence #AHRINC

I've been really excited to hear this one. The room is very full (yup, everyone's here after such an amazing Gala Dinner last night bright-eyed and bushy-tailed).    If people were self-aware there would be a strong relation between confidence and competence (but there's really not).  Dr TCP kicks off the day confirming that this … Continue reading Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Talks the Dark Side of Confidence #AHRINC

Elizabeth Proust: Myths & Realities in Managing a Woman’s Career #AHRINC

   31 of the ASX top 200 boards have no women on the board. Woah. Australia, what's happening? Norway mandated (and acheived) 40% board membership by women in 7 years. 7 years! 23 of ASX 500 companies have no women in their executive. In small busineses women do much better (are we getting sick of corporate … Continue reading Elizabeth Proust: Myths & Realities in Managing a Woman’s Career #AHRINC