The Disruption of HR

Disruption doesn’t happen from the inside. The founders of Invisalign weren’t dentists. Uber wasn’t created by Taxi drivers. Airbnb wasn’t created by hoteliers. And yet now they dominate their industries after completely upending them. The digital disruption means that everyone’s specialty is at risk of being toppled by someone else. Someone that doesn’t know your … Continue reading The Disruption of HR

My 2016: The oh-darn-it’s-already-December Edition

Well well well.... It's December tomorrow, I'm about to get the Christmas tree up and I've only just stopped to take a breath and I've realised that the year has gone so fast™ (I used to think that only old people said this and I'm now one of them). 2016 was a huge year for … Continue reading My 2016: The oh-darn-it’s-already-December Edition

I’m a hypocritical so-and-so…

Because I'm always going on to others about the importance of self-reflection and have seen huge benefit in using the practice myself. Usually my morning ritual looks like: Wake up earlier than my alarm (99% due to my child-like bedtime on weeknights). Reflect on my learning in a journal. Possibly translate some of these into a blog … Continue reading I’m a hypocritical so-and-so…

The HR World is Becoming More Connected

I have LOVED the #SHRM16 conference and it has really forced me to get out and meet some fantastic people - both ones that I've had the opportunity to connect with online and also some completely new friends. That's the amazing thing about our HR world becoming more and more connected. Having worked across Australia … Continue reading The HR World is Becoming More Connected

Learning from your mistakes as a manager

"Managers learn from the meaning they give to experience, not from the experience itself, and they give meaning to experience by reflecting" Sievert & Daudelin 1999 This is a pretty powerful idea - you don't just learn from your experiences but you learn from reflecting on those experiences. During my career I have seen some … Continue reading Learning from your mistakes as a manager