Work: Today & Tomorrow #AHRINC 


Natalie Slessor (Head of Workplace, Lend Lease)

Susan Ferrier (National Managing Partner, People, Performance & Culture, KPMG)

Helen Lea (Exec Director, Enterprise Services, Telstra)
Natalie Slessor


Work is now happening outside the box… what do we need in the workplace – let’s stop and think about that and then design what we need.

Now we can work anywhere it’s more important than ever that our workplace captures an idea – and communicates it effectively.

Susan Ferrier


Many organisations are unable to embrace new ideas at speed and scale. We aren’t just designing office space – we’re designing every aspect of our business with every aspect of this 21st Century employee in mind. Agile leadership is front and centre. At KPMG they are upping the ante on collaboration. Solution focused customer interactions are critical. Feedback needs to be listened to instantaneously: this is centred on people.

Connection, Edge, Freedom, Conscience (focus point for KPMG).

Pilots to achieve this are working: productivity remained the same but engagement increased.

We need to think, act and deliver differently. Everything is personal, it can’t just be business.
Helen Lea

OMG she started with if you have an issue with Telstra come and speak to Helen after her session (shock and horror – what a way to begin!)

Organisational purpose: create a connected future for everyone.

They are really using technology at Telstra to encourage real technological mobility (e.g. their CYOD policy which is offered to 20,000 employees and partner staff).

Real leadership on flexible work has been critical to it’s success at Telstra – this has now helped provide some great customer insights.

Telstra uses devices to access intranet and systems access (e.g. e-learning as needed) – testing the bounds of security and identity registration in new ways (and leading the way for their own customers).

Telstra has a 4 month preparation for when moving people into new ways of working: 1400 people are in the new environment using all of these new technologies.

Lessons learned include: combine business cases, consider people. place and tech together, be bold (plan for success), leadership counts, ground the work in your purpose and values. 

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