A lot of excitement @ the #AHRINC 2015

I’ve just arrived for the kick off of the AHRI National Convention 2015 in Melbourne. Already hard truths have been had…

  • Why did I not bring my phone charger?
  • Why did I not think my iPad/keyboard was a necessity for all sessions, not just the full days?
  • The Melbourne Convention Centre is ENORMOUS – I will get lost here. Must make a note of the meeting points and landmarks
  • There are puppies here! (Anyone who had read my Twitter bio knows I am something of a puppy  connoisseur). These puppies can be found at the HR Onboard stand and are from Guide Dogs Victoria. Well played @HROnboard, well played
  • The conference book rocks (mad respect to anyone who can provide me with a pretty good sized conference booklet with all the necessary info & space to write notes)

I know I’ll take away more valuable learnings than just where the puppies are held – but I’m counting this event as a success already!


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